When it comes to our usual cleaning regime our washing machine is often overlooked, however if not cleaned regularly they can become riddled with mould, bacteria, produce unpleasant odours and in a worst case scenario reduce the life span of your appliance.

Here are some top tips to keep your washing machine fresh and keep your whites looking white!

1. Unplug your machine

2. Detergent Drawer – After a few washes this can become encrusted with washing powder/softener and eventually mould. Remove the drawer and clean with a kitchen cleaner and toothbrush so that you can get into every groove. Don’t forget to clean the drawer cavity too.

3. Rubber Seal – The seal often catches dirt and even objects inadvertently put in the wash. Use a damp cloth to regularly wipe all around the seal to remove dirt and debris. If the door is left shut between washes mould can build up. In this instance spray on a mould and mildew cleaner, scrub and then rinse. Run the machine on a hot wash to remove any traces of the cleaner. Try where possible to leave the door open between cleans so that the interior has a chance to dry and therefore avoids the mould build up.

4. Interior of Door – Just like the seal, the door can collect dirt. Use a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. In hard water areas you may also notice a build-up of limescale – spray on a limescale removal product, scrub and then rinse off.

5. Filter – Remove the filter cover but make sure you have a towel on the floor to catch any water released. Remove any obstructions such as buttons, lint and then clean thoroughly with warm water and a cloth.

6. The Hidden Dirt – There is some dirt and limescale you cannot see and for this there are specialist washing machine cleaners which are designed to clean away any gunk that builds up inside your machine. These cleaners are usually pored into the detergent drawer and a washing cycle is run.

7. The Exterior Casing – Finally give the exterior a wipe over with a kitchen cleaner to remove dust and any detergent drips.